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Floor Sanding Services in all of the Netherlands by a team of experts

Many wooden and parquet floors become broken, dull, grey and clogged with dirt after many years of use. This is when many owners either decide to rip them out and replace them with new ones, however, the right thing is to first look at restoring our wooden and parquet floors.

The first step is to repair damaged areas by lifting, securing loose boards, replacing and refitting damaged and loose parquet areas. Thereafter we do floor sanding to prepare floors to be resealed. The purpose of floor sanding is two-fold, to mechanically remove all old layers of protection and to make the cleaned surface smooth and level.

Dust Free Floor Sanding of Your Parquet Floor

Parquet floors originated in France during the 17th century and became very fashionable in homes from the 1930s to the 70s. The blocks were laid in different patterns and got glued down with bitumen. Before floor sanding, the floor must first be levelled, the bitumen removed and blocks replaced. The surface is then sanded removing all dirt, old stain or varnish to clean and level the floor for the preferred treatment.

Dust-free floor sanding is achieved with modern belt sander machines used in conjunction with dust extraction machines. Dust is further minimized by using different grades sandpaper, masking areas, frequent vacuuming.

Floor Sanding and Varnishing

As already mentioned sanding is done to level and clean floors with modern belt sander machines using different grades of sandpaper. When you choose a varnished finish as a protective coating it will have to be cared for and will require periodic recoating. The best way is to choose for wood floor sanding and varnishing. Varnishing is durable and is normally used in areas which experience mid to heavy traffic. The product offers different finishes ranging from matt, satin to a high gloss. To prevent resanding of the whole floor, regular cleaning is very important to prevent outdoor grit, dirt, and dust from causing high wear and tear to the protective barrier.

Floor Sanding and Oiling

After the floor have been sanded to level and clean it the protective oil coating must be applied. The most natural way is to choose for wood floor sanding and oiling. It is important to note that the oil is absorbed by the wood to protect against liquids and dirt. The protection is not above the wood but instead, the impregnated wood repels it. The benefit of using oil is that any damaged or worn area can easily be repaired by reapplying oil to the area, to blend into the floor area. Re-oiling must be done more frequently than other finishes but any DIYer with experience can easily do it. Regular cleaning by sweeping or mopping is required.

Sanding and Waxing

After the wooden floor is levelled and clean the wax coating can be applied as the chosen finish. Waxing is done by applying two coats of a natural, environmentally friendly product which is safe for your family. Wax is preferred by many because of its natural ability to let your floor breathe and the mellow and soft finish. The protection to your floor lies in the wood being impregnated with the wax to repel any dirt. The product is manufactured from natural waxes and vegetable oils which won’t dry out easily making it ideal for use in areas of high humidity.

25 Years of Floor Sanding Experience in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands

Our business has more than 25 years of experience in wood floor sanding in Amsterdam and the rest of the country. We provide our wooden floor care services to individuals and businesses in our area of operation. Over the years we restored many floors and know exactly what to do, what is needed and required to bring back its former glory. We have a dedicated team of experienced professional craftsmen who will use modern machines to lovingly restore and repair your wooden or parquet floor to its former level. We deliver work of the highest quality and guarantee client satisfaction with our work which we will perform in compliance with our approved quotation.

Free Floor Inspection and Advice

Do your wooden floors need restoration to regain their former beauty and lustre, we are just a phone call away and ready to help. We will make an appointment to come and inspect your wooden or parquet floors at a time convenient to you. With our experience spanning 25 years, we have learned what to look for when inspecting a wooden floor as well as what it will take to restore the floor to its former glory. After concluding our free-inspection we will discuss with you, the proposed restoration and the different available treatments waxing, oiling and varnishing. Based on our discussions we will provide you with our quote.

Wood Floor Sanding in Rotterdam

Would you like to outsource your wooden floor sanding in Rotterdam to a specialist? Please contact your local parquet renovation specialist from Rotterdam.

They have more than 30 years of experience in, among other things, sanding and oiling wooden floors, but you can also come here for sanding and varnishing your wooden floor. This company is rated with a 9.8 based on customer feedback

Wood Floor Sanding in The Haque

Would you like to outsource your wooden floor sanding in The Haque to a specialist? Please contact your local parquet renovation specialist from The Haque!

Floor Sanding With Guarantees

Our professional employees have the necessary qualifications and experience to execute any wooden floor restoration to the highest industry standards and we guarantee our workmanship. We prescribe to all consumer protection legislation and industry standards to ensure that you as our client can be assured of a quality restoration job. If a client is dissatisfied with our work we will sit down and discuss the problem to ensure that we amicably solve it. We guarantee that any job will be completed to the satisfaction of the client and the industry standards for excellence.

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